Training is our specialty

Today's armed forces and task forces are faced with new challenges that attach increasing importance to training. As a world-class training systems integrator (TSI), CAE is uniquely positioned to help military organizations reduce the demand on uniformed personnel by providing well-trained, ex-military experts to deliver training, allowing active-duty personnel to concentrate exclusively on carrying out their military operations.

As a training systems integrator, CAE supports the full-spectrum of the training continuum, from academic and simulation-based training to live-exercise support in a full live-virtual-constructive (LVC) environment for training and mission rehearsal.  CAE’s unique skills and experience help fulfil all training requirements from basic to advanced levels (combat ready).

Together with our customers, CAE conducts comprehensive training needs analyses. This ensures that, with optimal efficiency and cost saving programs, training objectives and therefore operational readiness are certain to be achieved. Based on a worldwide partner network, CAE delivers turnkey training solutions that include course materials and curricula, computer-based and classroom training, simulators and training devices, training centres and their operation, facility management, on-site service personnel and an integrated learning management system.

Comprehensive training solutions based on your needs

In its role as training systems integrator, CAE relies on a well-established development environment and infrastructure. Combining the three CAE competencies of developing training programs, designing the necessary training tools and providing training centres, including personnel, provides a unique portfolio to meet our customers’ specific needs.

CAE GmbH uses the experience and capabilities of CAE’s global network to realize programs to meet customers’ wishes and develop specific solutions.

To learn more about CAE’s training systems integration solutions click here.

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