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At CAE GmbH, we contribute to shaping the future of training around the globe. We offer a great place to work where you can excel, innovate, contribute on global scale and benefit from flexible work hours to help you maintain a good work-life balance. Find your perfect fit within one of our departments.

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Customer & Training Services

Delighting customers at every interaction

Our technicians, system specialists and engineers are familiar with the electronic and mechanical design of complex systems. They perform maintenance and servicing of our simulators at our national sites and throughout Europe to answer customer queries and look-ahead to meet their future needs.

Program Management & Engineering

Great minds for world-class products and services

From system engineers, system architects, program engineers, program managers, to test pilots, our engineers use their advanced technological knowledge to deliver hyper-realistic, real-time simulation systems that include aerodynamics simulations, autopilot, avionics systems and much more. A strong entrepreneurial culture fosters innovation and collaboration at all levels and allows us to stay ahead of the technological curve.

Sales & Business Development

Promoting our expertise, delighting our customers

Our sales professionals build and maintain meaningful relationships with our customers, allowing them to proactively suggest solutions. Our business development experts have a deep understanding of our markets and customers. They equally have a knack for identifying opportunities such as strategic partnerships, joint-ventures, and emerging markets.Together, these teams ensure that our customers know who we are, what we do, and that we are aware of their current and future needs

Corporate Functions

Keeping us running to reach our maximum potential

Our corporate services support is critical to help CAE achieve its mission. These different groups and teams act as internal partners to our businesses: from attracting the best employees, to communicating ongoing projects and achievements, to receiving proper legal, financial or human resources counsel, or offering innovative information technology services, the whole company can count on them as trusted colleagues.

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