The individual operational readiness of a pilot refers to the ability of the pilots to be optimally prepared for the demands of a real mission. Therefore, in the simulation the reality, for example, the terrain and the environmental conditions, as well as the tactical framework conditions of the "mission" - must be mapped to the best possible extent. The flight and tactical simulators for the Tornado fighter aircraft are therefore not only managed by the experts from CAE but are also constantly modernized and further developed to meet the requirements of the users. State-of-the-art visual systems give the impression of a real environment in the air and on the ground. This creates a realistic training environment for the pilot in which high quality flight training can be conducted safely, efficiently, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner without any aircraft noise or fuel consumption.

Keep it real but simulated

It’s the perfect deception of the senses: it's like flying - the airspace, the weather, the radio traffic, the instruments in the cockpit - everything feels real, but the cockpit stays on the ground. By simulating reality and constantly repeating routines, the pilots are optimally prepared for their mission.

Jet pilots travel at breakneck speed. And the speed of development of technology in the aircraft of the German air force is similar. This means the demands on the training and further education of crews are also on the rise. Innovation, technology and development therefore go hand in hand.

The German air force has been training its pilots on CAE’s high-quality Tornado full-flight simulators since 1985. Today, a total of three simulators of this type are still in operation at two different military locations: at the Tactical Air Force Squadron 33 (Cochem/Büchel) and the Tactical Air Force Squadron 51 (Jagel).

CAE equips its simulators with state-of-the-art visual systems. Networking of the simulators with other systems within the framework of a virtual training environment is today both necessary - and possible. The experienced CAE personnel on site ensure that the simulators are always permanently ready for use to ensure smooth training operations.

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