Training solutions

Training solutions

CAE is a company focused entirely on training.  We design and deliver turnkey training centres, training services, and simulation products.  As a world-class training systems integrator, we offer customers integrated live-virtual-constructive (iLVC) training solutions across air, naval, land and public safety domains.


Today's armed forces and task forces are faced with new challenges that attach increasing importance to training. As a world-class training systems integrator (TSI), CAE is uniquely positioned to help military organizations reduce the demand on uniformed personnel by providing well-trained, ex-military experts to deliver training, allowing active-duty personnel to concentrate exclusively on carrying out their military operations.


CAE GmbH is an industry partner in the consortium that developed, manufactured and commissioned the Eurofighter Typhoon Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids (ASTA) simulation system. Other industry partners of the Eurofighter Simulation Systems (ESS) joint venture include Rheinmetall Defence Electronics in Germany; SELEX ES in Italy; INDRA Sistemas in Spain; and Thales Training & Simulation in the United Kingdom. Since the beginning of the operational use of the first simulators in 2006, the simulators have been continuously upgraded to match the new capabilities of the original aircraft and thus making the system safer for future training requirements. A very high simulation quality enables realistic training for future pilots as they prepare for their mission.


The individual operational readiness of a pilot refers to the ability of the pilots to be optimally prepared for the demands of a real mission. Therefore, in the simulation the reality, for example, the terrain and the environmental conditions, as well as the tactical framework conditions of the "mission" - must be mapped to the best possible extent. The flight and tactical simulators for the Tornado fighter aircraft are therefore not only managed by the experts from CAE but are also constantly modernized and further developed to meet the requirements of the users. State-of-the-art visual systems give the impression of a real environment in the air and on the ground. This creates a realistic training environment for the pilot in which high quality flight training can be conducted safely, efficiently, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner without any aircraft noise or fuel consumption.


Today's armies are faced with new challenges that attach an ever-increasing importance to training. With the CAE GESI combat simulation system developed by CAE GmbH, a training system has been created that enables realistic training scenarios for commanders and their units. With CAE GESI, large-scale exercises, such as manoeuvres or disaster control exercises, in which very many different vehicles, aircraft and troops have to be coordinated, can be carried out in a perfectly simulated environment. CAE GESI not only simulates the operational area, but also the terrain, the weather, the logistics and the results of all decisions and measures taken.

Sea King / Sea Lynx

Quick and flexible conversion - this is how the CAE-built Lynx full-mission flight trainer (FMFT) is characterized. The possibility of a quick conversion to different cockpit configurations not only creates an ideal training environment for the German armed forces, but also allows other nations to use simulator training capacities with only minor modifications. In addition to the German and Portuguese navies, the Brazilian navy also trains on the simulator.


Together we are strong - the simulation environment of the P-3C-Orion maritime reconnaissance aircraft enables the German navy to provide realistic and multi-faceted training for the entire eleven-man crew. CAE GmbH has been in charge of the P-3C simulator in Nordholz since 2009. The training system provided there consists of two components: The Operational Flight Trainer (OFT) and the Operational Tactics Trainer (OTT). The systems – abbreviated OFT and OTT - can also be operated separately from each other, so that individual adjustment to the crew in the cockpit or the on-board crew is possible. The coupling of both systems allows the simulation of realistic naval tasks, in which the complete aircraft crew can train for a joint mission.

International Helicopter Training Centre (IHTS) Bückeburg

State-of-the-art training for tomorrow's pilots: in times of change, the security challenges of the German armed forces are shifting, and this is accompanied by increased demands on the training and further education of air force, army and naval helicopter pilots. The introduction of new modern helicopter systems and the use of simulators also recognized in civil aviation, has led to the establishment of the largest simulator centre in Europe located at the Bückeburg air base. In addition, the facility has become a service centre also for external users, such as the Federal Police and the helicopter associations of Spain, Sweden and Belgium, to name but a few.

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