CAE GmbH is an industry partner in the consortium that developed, manufactured and commissioned the Eurofighter Typhoon Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids (ASTA) simulation system. Since the beginning of the operational use of the first simulators in 2006, the simulators have been continuously upgraded to match the new capabilities of the original aircraft and thus making the system safer for future training requirements. A very high simulation quality enables realistic training for future pilots as they prepare for their mission.

The Eurofighter simulators of the German air force are in service at the military bases in Laage, Neuburg, Nörvenich and Wittmund. Here they are operated, maintained and serviced directly on site by experienced CAE personnel together with our partner companies. In addition, CAE GmbH also manages the development environment in Manching.

Following the completion of the four-nation, (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Italy), ASTA program under the management of Eurofighter GmbH, the further development of the German and Spanish Eurofighter simulators will now be continued under the lead of the bi-national program PSTS (Pilot Synthetic Training System).

Important components of the simulator are the visual system and the synthetic environment system, which display the natural and tactical environment of the simulated Eurofighter. The comprehensive visual solution provided by CAE for the Eurofighter ASTA programme includes the next-generation CAE Medallion-6000 image generator as well as display systems and database development tools. Other simulated Eurofighters can also be integrated into the scenarios simultaneously. These scenarios are generated by CAE experts in close cooperation with squadron members. The networking of the simulators makes it possible to carry out tactically demanding exercises with several aircraft in a virtual airspace.

All this can be achieved thanks to highly modern and powerful computer and projection systems, as well as highly qualified staff. The result is a very realistic training environment that gives pilots the impression of flying a "real" mission. This ensures that Eurofighter crew members can continue to learn highly complex scenarios during training and use these in the best possible way in actual operations.

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