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Today's armies are faced with new challenges that attach an ever-increasing importance to training. With the CAE GESI combat simulation system developed by CAE GmbH, a training system has been created that enables realistic training scenarios for commanders and their units. With CAE GESI, large-scale exercises, such as manoeuvres or disaster control exercises, in which very many different vehicles, aircraft and troops have to be coordinated, can be carried out in a perfectly simulated environment. CAE GESI not only simulates the operational area, but also the terrain, the weather, the logistics and the results of all decisions and measures taken.

This makes large manoeuvres, deploying thousands of soldiers, as well as land, air and water vehicles, a thing of the past. Today, commanders and their staff train with the support of constructive simulation learning to make the right decisions at the right time by experiencing the outcome of their orders.

The advantages are obvious: training with CAE GESI is not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly, but also beneficial, since even unpredictable situations can be exercised in real time. All of this serves one purpose: to prepare commanders, staff and civilian forces in the best possible way for emergencies and thus increase their operational readiness.

CAE GESI combat simulation systems are used at many German army training facilities and also in the field of crisis management for civilian applications at the Academy for Crisis Management, Emergency Planning and Civil Protection (AKNZ). CAE GESI is also operated by several users from abroad.

Since 2006, a special version of the CAE GESI software SiTA (Simulation based Tactical Training at Academies) has been used at military academies as an auditorium system for tactical training. These systems are still based on the tried and tested CAE GESI software with several additional modules, which have been specially designed for student training in the classroom.

Today, commanders and officers-in-charge face ever-changing challenges. For instance, large-scale deployments due to natural disasters are no longer uncommon, and the demands placed on military forces are also changing with recurrently changing threat situations. For this reason, CAE system developers are constantly working on the further development of the CAE GESI software to ensure that the system will in the future continue to meet the training demands required, and thus ensuring operational readiness.

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